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St Dominic's Catholic Community is a multicultural and multilingual faith community where the community is enriched by the gifts of every member. We are driven by the injunction of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to let our light shine. Come and worship with us. We are a family-friendly community. 

Fr Bernard Amah CSSp
Parish Administrator


Today, we celebrate the mystery of the Body and Blood of Christ. In John’s Gospel {6: 51-58}, it is recorded that Jesus said to the Jews: “He was the living bread that came down from Heaven and the bread He was giving, was His flesh for the life of the world”. When Jesus gathered with the disciples to observe the Passover, He clearly demonstrated and gave meaning to what he told the Jews earlier that fateful day at the Last Supper. His mission through the sacrifice of His Life accomplished what God had sent Him for into this world!  Through the re-enactment of the simple but yet very significant act when Christ, giving thanks said the Blessing, broke the Bread and offered it to those at the table after which He took the Chalice and again giving thanks invited them to drink from the Chalice of His Blood!  To this day well over two thousand years later, Christians all over the world have devoutly and faithfully honoured Christ’s request that we do this in Memory of Him through the Eucharistic celebration as we give Him thanks for the sacrifice of His Holy Body and Blood!

What is our approach to the Sacrament of Holy Communion? Are we in a state of Grace when we proceed to the Altar for Communion? Do we walk with humility or a pride that may suggest we are merely out on a stroll in the park? Do we give thanks for the privilege and truly acknowledge that Jesus is present in the Consecrated Host placed in our tender care?

“Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him”, says the Lord





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